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Top 5 Tax Deductions Every New York Business Owner Should Know About

by | 23 April, 2024 | Blog

Introduction to Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

For small business owners in New York, understanding tax deductions is crucial to minimizing annual tax liabilities and maximizing profitability. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, being aware of your eligible deductions can make a significant difference in your financial health. Read on to explore five key tax deductions that New York business owners should be aware of to effectively reduce their taxable income.

1. Home Office Deduction

One of the most valuable tax deductions for those who operate their businesses from home is the home office deduction. To qualify, you must use a part of your home exclusively and regularly as your principal place of business. This includes spaces where you meet clients, patients, or customers in the normal course of your business. You can calculate the home office deduction using either the simplified method, which allows a deduction of $5 per square foot of home used for business up to 300 square feet, or the regular method, which involves calculating the actual expenses of your home office area, such as mortgage interest, insurance, utilities, repairs, and depreciation.

2. Business Meals

The IRS allows business owners to deduct 50% of qualifying food and beverage expenses that are associated with operating a business. This includes meals with clients where business is discussed, or meals consumed during business travel. Starting January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2022, this deduction was temporarily increased to 100% for food and beverages provided by a restaurant. Documentation is key to this deduction, so keeping detailed records of the date, location, attendees, and the business purpose of each expense is essential.

3. Business Use of Car

For business owners who use their vehicle for business purposes, the costs associated with operating and maintaining the car can be deductible. You have the choice between using the standard mileage rate or actual car expenses. The standard mileage rate for 2021 was 56 cents per mile and has often been adjusted annually. Actual expenses include gas, repairs, insurance, and depreciation. Keeping a detailed log of miles driven for business, along with receipts and other documentation, is crucial for this deduction.

4. Employee Benefits

Employee benefit programs are another area where tax deductions can be maximized. Programs such as health insurance, retirement plans, and education assistance not only attract and retain employees but also provide substantial tax savings for the business. Contributions made by a business towards health insurance and qualified retirement plans are fully deductible, reducing the overall taxable income of the business.

5. Depreciation

Depreciation is a deduction that allows you to spread the cost of a tangible asset over its useful life. It applies to property like buildings, furniture, and equipment used in a business. Section 179 of the IRS tax code also allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment or software purchased or financed during the tax year. The limit on Section 179 deductions for 2021 was $1,050,000, making it a significant deduction for capital-intensive businesses.

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